Need help in locating items in medication item RRS feed

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  • Hi,


    I am now working on the Medication type.

    I am facing difficulties in finding few items in medication item which were present in  medicationold data type.

    The following are the items that I couldn’t locate in either medication or medication fill or prescription types,

    1.       Substitution Permitted

    2.       Prescription duration

    3.       Duration Unit

    4.       Duration

    5.       Strength unit

    6.       Strength value

    7.       Dose unit

    8.       Dose value

    9.       Code


    I also need you to describe me how to use code, strength unit vs strength value and dose unit vs dose value.



    Thanks in Advance

    Sathya N

    Tuesday, January 6, 2009 12:20 PM


    1. Use Substitution instead of substitutin permitted, and code the appropriate value.
    2. Use PrescriptionExpiration
    3. This depends on what you were using these for before (the fields were not well defined).

    4. Coded into strength.Structured.Units
    5. Stored into strength.structured.value (strength.display should have both value and units as a string)
    6. Same as strength
    7. Same as strength
    8. name stores both the name of the medication and the clinical code, as a codable value


    Tuesday, January 6, 2009 4:59 PM