intellisense does not hightlight the current selected method


  • Hello,

    We have developed an application that invokes the MS rule editor  to allow the user to define his/her buisness rules.  On our development boxes, it all works fine. However, when we install on production boxes we have found that the intellisense does highlight the currently selected set of methods. You can set the set of method and can even see the signature but the highlight bar goes away after you typing the first letter.

    I suspect the probem is due to that fact that in looking at the registy I don't have an intellisense providers....Our application works on the development box because we have Vistual Studio.

    Can anyone confirm that is the probem and tell me what set of keys I need to define in our registry?

    Thanks in Advance,

    Peter Hiross

    יום רביעי 26 אוקטובר 2011 19:08