AppFabric Monitoring for WCF service stops intermittently


  • I am being stumped by this issue..We use AppFabric for monitoring some 

    1. Site 1  have only WCF services and it works perfectilly 

    2. The other site has WCf services + other asp.net stuff,   for the WCF services inside this the monitoring stops intermittently. All this time the monitoring for the site 1 works perfectly.

    Both the sites use the same App Fabric infrastructure, SQL server tables  etc..So I ruled out SQL server issues ..

    For some reason event are not emitted for this Site 1 service but at the same time the Site 2 works. So nothing wrong with the AppFabric  set up .

    Tried restarting the event collector service and recycling IIS, again the monitoring starts for site 1 and stops probably after a day..Just wondering whether the  automatic  app pool recycle has got any thing to do with this ..( the app Pools recycles after a certain amount of time , we left the default IIS settings )


    יום שני 12 מרץ 2012 15:10

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  • Is this AppFabric 1.1 or 1.0 for each of the sites?

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    יום שני 12 מרץ 2012 17:50
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  • I think its AppFabric 1.0 for each of them (both have the same infrastructure)  because we went to production before Dec 2011, that when 1.1 was released.

    Again we have dev/qa and prod...Never has any problem in dev and Qa ..Only in prod we have the issue (as always  :) )


    יום שלישי 13 מרץ 2012 14:29