Issue of opening the project named CameraNow downloaded from MSDN Sample code


  • Hi,

    I hit a problem of opening the project downloaded from the below link.


    The project name is CameraNow(C#), and the error message which VS2011 present is as below:

    CameraNow\CameraNow.csproj: The project file 'C:\Users\win8test2\Documents\CameraNow\CameraNow\CameraNow.csproj' cannot be opened. There is a missing project subtype. Subtype: '{4D628B5B-2FBC-4AA6-8C16-197242AEB884}' is unsupported by this installation. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?prd=12395&pver=11&sbp=ProjectTypeDeprecated&plcid=0x409&clcid=0x409&ar=MSDN&sar=ProjectCompatibility&o1={4D628B5B-2FBC-4AA6-8C16-197242AEB884}


    Vicky Wang

    שבת 28 אפריל 2012 01:50


  • I don't have any issue opening the sample.  I'm going to move this to the tools forum for better assistance.

    Matt Small - Microsoft Escalation Engineer - Forum Moderator

    יום שני 30 אפריל 2012 15:48
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