Missile CommandeEr Game (including Source) - XNA 1.0 release

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  • First XNA game...done!  It's an old school missile commander clone (only its CommandeEr, like pirates...ARRRR!!!).  I spent extra time to maintain the original "cutting edge" graphics to make it a true classic.  Check it out...

    (I just added the screenshots, game and source code to my website)

    Click here for the game 


    Improvements to come:

    - MIRV missiles

    - Extra lives

    - High scores

    - suggestions???

    יום חמישי 05 אוקטובר 2006 07:27

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  • Very nice. This is the first XNA game that was really fun for me to play (Not that I've tried many). I really enjoyed the classic feel.
    Definitely worth the download.

    As for suggestions go, maybe you should display the level/wave no. the player is currently on.

    This is really picky, and definitely not a major issue, but is would be nice if the splash screen texture did not get fuzzy round the edges when it is enlarged to retain the classic feel. As i said, not important :)

    I did notice that the game gets stuck if you carry on firing missiles for a while after a level is finished. It doesn't change the score and just waits on an empty (no enemies) screen.

    Also, on my computer if I fire 3 missiles in quick succession, one of them won't explode, the blue trail will just disappear as it reaches its end point.

    Anyway, as i said, this game is really cool.
    My top score so far is 6265 :)

    Good work man!

    יום חמישי 05 אוקטובר 2006 23:31
  • Very fun. I think I encountered the same issue with the missiles, but can't confirm since I was using my peripheral vision and didn't see what happened.

    Should points really be taken off if a destroyed city is hit again? It's not destroying anything, right?

    10890 first time out.


    יום שישי 06 אוקטובר 2006 01:31
  • Big update for Missile Commandeer!



    • Made title splash more retro stylie
    • Extra City awarded every 5000 points
    • Level displayed in bottom right
    • Missiles that hit dead cities only take away 25 instead of 50 points
    • Added MIRV missiles
    • Gameplay and scoring tweaks


    • 3rd defensive missile now explodes
    • audioEngine.Update() to handle sound bug in XNA beta
    • Incoming missiles stop when all cities are destroyed



    See the first post for most recent download links

    And don't forget to post your recommendations, top level and high scores!

    יום חמישי 12 אוקטובר 2006 21:52
  • is there a limit on the missles you can fire? if so you should add something to show that
    יום שישי 13 אוקטובר 2006 00:52
  • Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this, I (and the community) really appreciate you sharing the source code and making this great resource available.

    Nice job and keep up the great work!
    יום שישי 13 אוקטובר 2006 02:56
  • Nice update, I especially like the MIRVs.

    I haven't played it much but my top score is 16440 on level 18. I'm pretty sure that other people have done way better :)

    I think the score penalty for hitting destroyed cities should be raised again. The problem that I
    found was that even without much skill you can quite easily defend your last city especially if its
    next to the cannon, this means its easy to play for a long time without dying or losing score(As you did in the previous version). I preferred the faster arcade action that could only last for a few minutes unless you were really, really good (like Jim Perry ;).

    The reason I died that time was because I accidentally clicked on my desktop when trying to shoot at a missile going towards an edge city, it would be nice to be able to toggle to fullscreen mode.

    I like the other improvements you've made though, I hope to get a chance to look at your code soon when I'm not so busy.

    Thanks for making this available. Great stuff :)
    יום שישי 13 אוקטובר 2006 20:56
  • Well done, this is really quite adictive

    One small comment, I was a bit of a dab hand on the original arcade version and the key was using the explosion to hit several missiles at one time. It would be good if you could make the explosion last a bit longer so that you could time your fire to destroy multiple warheads in one go.

    Keep up the good work !.


    יום שישי 13 אוקטובר 2006 21:08
  • Very nice! Thought I would just take a look at the source... ended up playing it for a half hour. .

    Well done and thanks.

    יום שישי 20 אוקטובר 2006 17:57
  •  Thanks for all the kickass feedback and suggestions so far guys.  Keep em comin!! 

    This might be the last update for a while on Missile Commandeer since I'm itching to start on a new game.  For this one, I'm retiring the old atari 2600 (tear!) and I'm breakin out my brand spanking new NES.  Which game?  ...you'll just have to wait and see  :)

    New update for Missile Commandeer!



    • Added XBOX 360 controller and vibrations
    • You can pause the game now
    • Ammo graphics added
    • More gameplay and scoring tweaks
    • Swapped out the bigger .dds files for smaller .png


    • Level ends even if you keep firing like a madman



    See the first post for the most recent download links



    שבת 21 אוקטובר 2006 07:13

    WOW,,,, so good...!!


    שבת 21 אוקטובר 2006 13:19
  • OK, so I wasn't planning to work on this until my other game was done, but I had to update the game for beta 2.  I think you'll like a few of the other features I threw in too.

    Missile Commandeer - Beta 2



    • Converted to XNA Beta 2
    • Changed resolution to 800 x 600 and defaults to full screen (to toggle fullscreen, pause with P and hit F)
    • Added high scores
    • Made a sweet icon for the game
    • Added the BitmapFont class and took out the "ammo", "level" and "levelNumbers" textures
    • Added pause graphics
    • Yet more gameplay tweaks


    • Shortened MIRV delay time for higher levels
    • Controller only vibrates if you are using it
    • Moved animations from update to Draw method (for pausing)
    • Combined live city and dead city textures
    • Animations don't go back to first frame when finished
    • Explosion animation changed from sprite cube to sprite strip



    See the first post for updated download links

    יום שני 20 נובמבר 2006 17:52
  • Quick update.  ...fixed a few things that were bugging me with the scores and when you get game over

    Missile Commandeer - Beta 2



    • MIRVS now make 4 missiles after level 10
    • Added high scores display to pause menu
    • Clicking outside the game (making it inactive) auto-pauses


    • High scores sort before displaying
    • Got rid of new Color for every DrawHighScore and AddHighScore call
    • Changed high score "MASTERS" to "HALL OF FAME"   ...it just sounded more impressive  :)
    • Fixed a lot of game over / high score issues
    • Starting a new game goes straight into the game instead of splash



    See the first post for updated download links

    יום שלישי 21 נובמבר 2006 01:49
  • Very fun. Managed a little over 10K in the quick game I played. That was using a touchpad on my laptop so I can probably do better.
    יום שלישי 21 נובמבר 2006 14:39
  • Psssshhhh!!!  Try 55K
    יום רביעי 22 נובמבר 2006 14:55
  • OK, now I've got to try it with a mouse.
    יום רביעי 22 נובמבר 2006 15:21
  • Very nice game. It was pretty fun, far more fun than my cheesy little shooter.
    יום רביעי 22 נובמבר 2006 19:17
  • hehe, I'll have to test this game later today, thanks for sharing the source! =)
    יום רביעי 22 נובמבר 2006 20:19
  • Missile CommandeEr updated to work with the XNA v1.0 Release.  See the first post for the link

    Other than that, absolutely nothing has changed.  I'm working on another game...sue me!

    יום חמישי 21 דצמבר 2006 05:39
  •  XNA Rockstar wrote:
      I'm working on another game...sue me!

    Expect to hear from my lawyers!  

    יום חמישי 21 דצמבר 2006 13:04