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  • I deployed an SQL report server project successfully (2008 R2). Then I used the browser to get the self service page. I got straqnge screen, completely different than the one described in the tutorials. Spmething like:

    localhost/ReportServer - /


                     <dir>; Data Sources
                     <dir>; Models

    Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Version 10.50.1600.1 

    When I click on it, I can see the report. However, I do not have any keys like 'subsription', 'schedule' etc.


    יום רביעי 08 דצמבר 2010 11:22


  • The link you should be looking for is:


    The first link you posted is the default path of the Report Server. That's the URL to which you deploy all your reports.
    The "self service" page you refer to is called the Report Manager and it's by default in the link that I posted above.

    If it's not in the link I provided then you should look in your Report Server Configuration (accessible through the Start menu > Programs > SQL Server 2008 > Configuration)
    and look for "Report Manager"

    Eitan Blumin; SQL Server Consultant - Madeira Information Technologies;
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