Visual Studio 2010 Code Metrics Fail


  • I have a .Net 2 project that compiles, builds and runs. It has 20 projects, with the goal being a Winforms application. Getting code metrics for every project works except the big one (the application). When it fails, it gives this error:

    Message: An error occurred while calculating code metrics for target file <My executable> in project <WinformsApp>. The following error was encountered while reading module <SmallLibrary> Could not resolve type reference <Small Class that Does one thing>

    The small class has only one method - a 10 line static. I commented out the contents of the class (which is used in many places, so I can't remove the class). It still failed. 

    I placed the small class inside <WinformsApp> and removed it from <SmallLibrary> and the code metrics still failed.

    I googled this error and found one reference - to a sharepoint project which implied that it was a VS2008 bug wherein references didn't trickle up. So I made sure that <WinformsApp> referenced <SmallLibrary> and all of <SmallLibrary>'s references DIRECTLY. No change.

    Any thoughts?

    יום שלישי 28 פברואר 2012 13:50


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