Feature Request/Suggestion


  • The locals bubble is loading too much memory because it is loading all values.  I would like it if we could have something like a Type-Ahead Combo box that will allow the user to more efficiently query the object as a default and give options to for other options like full expansion or a fixed height listbox for performance.  I would love the debugger bubble if it weren't for the performance problems.  The debugger bubble also does not recognize Attached Properties.  As for a last suggestion would be to add property type filtering so that I can filter by Dependency Properties or by a specific scope or read only.  It would help me find the properties on large objects especially when debugging attached properties/Behaviors in WPF.
    Thanks, Chris Portwood
    יום חמישי 08 ספטמבר 2011 22:37


  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the great bugs and suggestions!

    We're looking into reducing the memory footprint of the locals bubble. And I really like your suggestions around filtering and querying.



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