All controls in my Toolbox suddenly became disabled!


  • Hi,


    I've been working on a WM 5 project for about half a year using Visual Studio 2005. The target platform is selected for WM 5 Smartphone device.

    The other day I realised that, in Design mode, all items in the toolbox are disabled!

    Property and Document Outline windows are working properly though but there are no controls to drag to my forms.

    I doesn't help to add a new form nor does it help to create a new Project.


    I have even selected "Show All" in the toolbox to see all Tabs but the items in all of them are disabled (even All Device Controls). Again, I can see the items (label, pointer etc) but they are disabled.


    What have a screwed up and how can I restore it!?


    The only thing I can remember to have installed recently is CF 2 SP2.


    Please help!




    יום שישי 11 אפריל 2008 13:54


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