Can we run a xaml build from within a VNext build, and use the xaml result to initiate a release process? RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    We use TFS 2017 on premise.

    We are considering using the release management module of Microsoft for managing build. test and deploy stages

    Most of our code is compiled with a complexed XAML build

    We plan to move to VNext, but not in the next few months

    With that said, we still want to check if the release management module can be used to fire a xaml build on checkin (or a vnext build that will fire the xaml build), deploy the artifacts and run automatic tests

    Would be happy to know if this is possible.



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  • Hi

    Xaml builds are not related to release management

    If you insist, you can create a vnext build with your own custom build task that triggers xaml builds.

    Just remember that xaml build will be deprecated in VSTS (if we look at the long run, I guess a year from now), and also the xaml builds will not be working in TFS on prem 2018, so I recommend you to reconsider



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