Outlook for Mac 2016 rules


  • i've installed Outlook 2016 for Mac 

    i'm using rules on outlook

    i want to create client-side rules & if it is possible, to transfer my server-side rules to the client-side.

    when i create a new rule, it is saved on the server automaticly without asking me where to save the rule

    it all worked fine on my PC

    help anyone?

    יום רביעי 19 אפריל 2017 13:25

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  • Hi,

    Due the face that I don't own MAC computer, please review:

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    Yuval Sinay

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    יום ראשון 23 אפריל 2017 19:48
  • this works only as Serevr based Rules

    i need local rules


    יום ראשון 30 אפריל 2017 11:13