don't forget to check the RTL looks (like in the Hebrew forums) RRS feed

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  • * don't forget to check the RTL looks and feel (like in the Hebrew forums)

    * you should add RTL ability to the Editor too!

    not like the FCK Editor where the RTL is build in, RTL is not build in on the Telerik Editor (At least not in versions that I work with), but it can be add in less then 1 min as a new button as most of us do.


    שבת 15 יוני 2013 08:20

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  • RTL ability in the editor would be a great enhancement. Unfortunately, the version we are using does not fully support it as you mentioned. We have covered functional tests in RTL but please post back if you have specific suggestions in how to improve this experience once we launch the new design. Thank you!   

    Forums Program Manager

    יום ראשון 16 יוני 2013 05:28
  • it is a while (some years) since i used Telerik Editor, i can tell you that after you get the idea of the Editor code it is not more then 1 min to add it, but as i mentioned it is a while since i used it and i need some min to remember :-). i can send you the code how to add RTL to the editor. i used to do it all the time when i use Telerik Editor (like in my personal site where i use DNN application with Telerik Editor as default).

    can this ne helpful?

    * if so... i will go check my code when i will have the time (probably on Saturday since we don't work on Saturday in israel)


    • נערך על-ידי pituachMVP יום ראשון 16 יוני 2013 06:02
    יום ראשון 16 יוני 2013 05:51
  • Hi, Bryant!

    A RTL button would be a great enhancement indeed. I think everyone who ever tried mixing a RTL language with English on these forums would agree with me, it's an absolute nightmare. Please accept the help you are offered and add this functionality.

    Thanks in advance!
    יום שלישי 18 יוני 2013 04:10
  • Hi 

    i hope that you will use it and i did not wasted my time. this is the full code and short explanation on how to add RTL/LTR buttons on Telerik Editor. samples are on DutNetNuke files.

    i hope this  will help



    שבת 22 יוני 2013 19:06