How to upload angular project to azure storage account static website RRS feed

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  • Hi, 

    I want to deploy my angular app to azure storage via static website. 

    I created azure storage account and enable static website.

    after I ran the command of  ng build --prod at terminal of vs code (my development environment)

    I deployed dist folder who contains 10 files

    via azure extension in vs code. 

    when I click open in browser I fot this page: 

    The requested content does not exist.

    • HttpStatusCode: 404
    • ErrorCode: WebContentNotFound
    • RequestId : f1e5bb6f-301e-008d-72c4-faca60000000
    • TimeStamp : 2020-03-15T12:24:25.9288175Z

    I configuared static website to: index.html 

    I spend a lot of time on that. 

    any help will be appreciated 



    יום ראשון 15 מרץ 2020 12:29

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