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  • Hi,

    I am working on DaVinci Board DM6446.

    I have written a small utility program which loads my UBL in the SRAM and then loads the Bootloader in the memory on the address depending on the settings of .bib file and imagecnf.inc file


    while executing the Bootloader i.e. during the step of downloading the NK.bin file it stucks when it reaches to loading the record where actually the executables of bin are since the size is maximum in it.

    Also I am using a SDRAM of 64 mb only in the board.


    The lopg that I am getting is:  (there are certain tracing statements that have been included by me):


     BOOTME BOOTME BOOTME BOOTMEMAC addr is 0:e:99:2:51:c7.                                                      
    ReadEnvByName:Unable to find next valid block                                            

    Environment Variables  Respective Values                                       
    ENV_SIG                        ENVER1.11                                       
    DEVICE_ID                    DAVINCIXXXX                                       
    BOOT_ADDR                     0x00040000                                       
    TFTP_CONFIG                            1                                       
    BOOT_MODE                              1 ->BOOT_DOWNLOAD                                                       
    Using device name: 'DavinciC751'.                                
     Using Ethernet download.                        
    IP Address:                  
    Subnet Mask:                          
    Invoking EbootInitEtherTransport with Platform Name DavinciC751                                                              
    InitDHCP():: Calling ProcessDHCP()                                 
    ProcessDHCP():Big SmileHCP_INIT                       
    -DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)                            
    -DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)                            
    1111Got Response from DHCP server, IP address:                                                           

    ProcessDHCP():Big SmileHCP IP Address Resolved as, netmask:                                             

    Lease time: 691200 secon                      
    1111Got Response from DHCP server, IP address:                                                           
    -DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)                            
    Sent BOOTME to                             
    trace msg-DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)                                     
    Locked Down Link 1                 
    Src IP Port 0800   Dest IP Port 06E9                                                             

    -DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)                            
     aaaaOEMPreDownload: Returning 0.                                
     in switch case              
    Downloadentry entry                  
    -DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)                            

    image signature is correct                         
    read image end             
     imagestart = 80007000 and lenght = 24919E4  1                                             
    In MultiBinNotifyAnshul   1                          
    pcurrentdownloadfile = 83FDAD6C, region start   -2147454976, length   38345188                                               


    OEMVerifyMemory: Image Start Addr 0x80007000 Image Length 0x024919E4                                                         

    OEMVerifyMemory: Clearing Memory from 0x80007000 to 0x824989E4                                                             
    Second pcurrentdownloadfile = 83FDAD6C, region start   -2147454976, length   383                                             


    size of rec  4 dwredaddress 80007000                                   
    OEMMapMemAddr Address: 0                     
    lpdest = 80007000                
     Read Data counter 1                   
      Verify Checksum counter 1                          
    Loading Image 0 %..Anshul   progress                                   
    Anshul  End while.                 
    size of rec  8 dwredaddress 80007040                                   
    OEMMapMemAddr Address: 0x80007040                                
    lpdest = 80007040                
     Read Data counter 2                   
      Verify Checksum counter 2                          
     Anshul   progress                 
    Anshul  End while.
    size of rec  4 dwredaddress 80007048
    OEMMapMemAddr Address: 0x80007048
    lpdest = 80007048
     Read Data counter 3
      Verify Checksum counter 3
    Size of rec  685024 dwredaddress 80008000
    OEMMapMemAddr Address: 0x80008000
    lpdest = 80008000
    -DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)
    -DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)
    -DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)
    -DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)
    -DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)
    -DaVinciEmacSendFrame(rc = 0)


    -----------------------------------------------------------------End of log-------------------------------------


    According to bib file settings the addrss is 80007000 for copying the nk.bin file in the SDRAM and at address 80008000 it is placing the 3rd record which is of size 30 mb(For nk.bin i have reserved 40 mb in .bib file and other files synchronized)

    And the code stucks here.

    after sending 6 frames the code stucks and nothing happens on the Hyper-terminal screen.





    Can anybody plz help me out on this topic???






    vendredi 12 octobre 2007 06:36

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