Input parameters for poutlook.exe

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  • After thorough research (that included registry investigation) over input parameters on poutlook.exe, I came up with this list. As no info is available on Internet, there will be developers who will benefit from this list.
    If you know of more parameters, please share here. Me, I would be happy to see if there is an option to open a particular contact or calendar view with OID info.


    poutlook.exe calendar
    poutlook.exe calendar -vx (x = a, d, w, m, y, l)
    poutlook.exe calendar -dx (x = yyyymmdd)
    poutlook.exe calendar -new
    poutlook.exe contacts
    poutlook.exe contacts -new
    poutlook.exe tasks
    poutlook.exe tasks -new
    poutlook.exe -f CARD_FILE

    dimanche 28 octobre 2007 19:15

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