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  • Hi ,

    i want to automate the execution of a sharepoint manual started workfow that send email to users. I have developped a timer job that execute the workflow every day 10 PM. Now i want to develop a sharePoint webpart or an application page that let  the administrator  change the timer job parameters i.e let him modify the frequency of the execution of the job ( daily , weekly , hour ). I know that we can reach this requirement using central administration interface but the administrator has no access to the CA.

    How to accomplish my goal ?

    Any help will be gadly appreciated.

    jeudi 16 mai 2013 16:06


  • Hi,

    Just comment after my reply, this is french forum. if you are english you can post your question on the en technet forum.

    Now for you problem, you can achieve your goal by developing webpart for deployment on your SharePoint website and this webpart use SharePoint Web Service to update your timer job property's.

    I think is the best solution to achieve your goal if your administrator doesn't have access on your CA.



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    vendredi 17 mai 2013 17:04