Determining CU level of BizTalk 2010 Server


  • Is there any reliable way to determine what Cumulative Upgrades have been applied to an instance of BizTalk Server?  I know the latest (as of this writing) is CU5, but how can I determine what CU(s) may have been applied previously and/or how to I confirm CU5 has been applied after the fact?  (BizTalk 2010)



    mercredi 18 juillet 2012 14:13


  • Hi,

    To find the version of CU installed (or if any CU has been installed at all), you can go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features and from there click on the "View Installed updates" link on the left.

    The updates are grouped by the name of the program it updates to, so just look for "Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010". On my machine I could see I have CU4 installed.



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