Manipulating ASP.NET/ASPX pages


  • Hi there, I want to customize the ASP.NET pages/ASPX pages through the code. I know this quite weird thought. But I am building kind of website builder and hence I just want to try this. Is it possible with XML API. I mean, is ASP.NET markup XML compilant.

    Many time pages that have Master pages doesn't have single root elements. So will it cause any problem?

    Please reply. Thank You.

    vendredi 9 mars 2012 19:19

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  • No, ASP.NET WebForms are not well-formed XML so you can't parse them with an XML parser (in most cases). Of course the editor and designer in the web development part (or edition) of Visual Studio knows how to handle the code and components and controls, so you might want to investigate in that direction. You might want to look into whether there you can find help and expertise on that topic.

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    samedi 10 mars 2012 10:55