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  • Hi,

    Using C++, I'm trying to use the People Tagging feature by setting the PersonDisplayName property. I've tried this code:

    // Add additional metadata.
    PROPVARIANT value;
    value.vt = VT_LPWSTR;
    value.pwszVal= L"Thomas LEBRUN";
    Tools::Check(piFrameQWriter->SetMetadataByName(L"/xmp/<xmpstruct>MP:RegionInfo/<xmpbag>MPRI:Regions/PersonDisplayName", &value));
    Unfortunately, this code throws the follonwing exception: "Additional information: The parameter is incorrect."

    If I change the metadata name and tried to use the "Title" property, all works fine.

    Anyone see where is my error ?


    Thomas Lebrun [MVP] - Windows 8 / Windows Phone / WPF / SL:

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