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  • Dear All,


    I am trying to rotate my 3D object  using the keyboard up and down keys.  I am working on a WPF project , on Visual Studio 2005 , using .Net Framework 3.0.



    My Solution is composed of 2 projects, Robot3D ( my project ) and 3DTools project. I have included the 3DTools reference in the Robot3D project.


    I have added the following code, to make a small test,  in the  TrackballDecorator.cs file of the 3DTools project:


    protected override void OnKeyDown(KeyEventArgs e)

                if (e.Key == Key.A)
                    yValue = yValue - 10;
                    Point currentPosition = new Point(222, yValue);





     I have compiled the file and i have noticed that the cursor doesn't even get inside this function on debug and i don't know why.


    So, is it possible to make changes in the TrackballDecorator.cs for it to be considered in my project?



      3DTools is the code Of Daniel Lehenbauer (

    vendredi 25 juillet 2008 12:58