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  • Bonjour,
    -Y-a-t-il la corection automatique (c'était dans Outil) comme dans les precedentes version ?. Cela m'est utile pour abreger les mots invariables (problemes de saisie au clavier. - est-ce qu'il est prevu une ecriture intuitive [T9) ?
    Merci pour vos réponses 

    dimanche 7 février 2010 17:53

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  • If you need any help in Office Word 2010, following website will be the useful tutorial. For example, to create Custom Watermarks in Microsoft Word 2010:

    To create custom watermark is for some safe reason. To create custom watermarks in Word 2010 is cool and very simple to accomplish. Here's the guide with detailed illustration.

    Step 1. Navigate to Watermark in Word 2010

    Open Microsoft Word 2010 to create customize watermark. Navigate to Page Layout > Watermark.

    Create Custom Watermarks in Microsoft Word 2010 - Watermark

    Step 2. Open the watermark to custom

    Click the Watermark you can see some samples of different types of watermarks you can add. Select one and check Custom Water option to create watermark you like.

    Create Custom Watermarks in Microsoft Word 2010 - Custom watermark

    Step 3. Custom the Watermark freely

    In the pop-up dialog box below, choose Text watermark, you can do some options as you like to custom the Text watermark.

    Create Custom Watermarks in Microsoft Word 2010 - Apply

    Step 4. View custom watermark in Word 2010

    It will look like this.

    Create Custom Watermarks in Microsoft Word 2010 - view

    More Tutorial: Create Picture watermark in Word 2010

    As you can see in Step 3, there is an option "Picture watermark", which allows you create a picture watermark in Word 2010.

    Create Custom Watermarks in Microsoft Word 2010 - Picture water

    Click Insert after you select the picture which will be as the Picture watermark. Click Apply to finish. And then you can see the picture watermark in your Word 2010 text.
    Software Tutorial - Deep in the Windows 7, Office 2010, Firefox, Antivirus and PDF use. Photoshop Tutorial - For beginners, masters. All steps are detail. I submit my own Photoshop tutorials to this website!
    jeudi 22 avril 2010 08:46