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  • Hello, I have to use a DataGridView in WPF and C#, but it is told on msdn that "There is no equivalent control in WPF" and "Some capabilities of the DataGridView control are reproduced with the ListView and GridView controls."

    I don't know how to do that! Can you tell how to do it?
    jeudi 27 août 2009 01:36


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  • Hello,

    you can use the WPFToolKit ( ), there is a DataGrid control.

    I hope it will help you.
    Audrey -
    mercredi 2 septembre 2009 11:28
  • hi,
    I found WPFToolKit but I don't know how it can help me! I installed it, i have added the DLLs in my reference! and nothing!
    can you please tell me how can I use dataGridView using WPFToolKit?!
    samedi 5 septembre 2009 15:03
  • Normaly, in your toolbox, you are new controls from WPFToolKit and there is a DataGrid, isn't it ?

    Audrey -
    samedi 5 septembre 2009 19:35
  • No, no, there are no new controls in my toolbox!
    samedi 5 septembre 2009 19:43
  • Have you had the reference "WPFToolKit" in your project in VS ?

    Normaly when you add this reference, a new tab is added in the toolbox with WPFToolKit controls.
    You can add this control, if they don't appear in the toolbox after you have had the reference in your project, with a right clic in the toolbox, then click "Choose items", and click button "Browse" to search dll of WPFToolKit, after you can choose controls.
    Is it Ok ?
    Audrey -
    samedi 5 septembre 2009 20:28
  • I tryed to do many things but, I couldn't resolve the problem.
    I added the DDLs (with  a right clic on "References", (here I found many onglets : .NET, COM,Project,Browse,Recent) I clicked on "browse" and then I selected the DLLs. Note: one of them is not accepted.
    I took a look in my ToolBox and there is no DataGridView, no new controls!!!
    any idea???
    samedi 5 septembre 2009 23:26