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    J'ai un petit souci avec Outlook 2010 lorque que j'insert un GIF animé soir par le bouton joindre .
    le fichier en question (GIF) est figé, il n'est pas animé  
    Merci d'avance 


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  • How to Set Outlook 2010 Read Email with Speak Command


    With this method to read the email, your work will become much more easy and funny.

    Step 1. Launch Outlook 2010

    Firstly we launch Outlook 2010 . Then find More Commands from the Quick Access toolbar options.

    How to Set Outlook 2010 Read Email with Speak Command-open

    Step 2. Add Speak to Quick Options

    Now an Outlook Options dialog turns up. You need to select All Commands from the list at the top of the window. And then scroll the silder and click on Speak and then click on Add . When you see the Speak is shown in Quick Access toolbar you will click OK to continue.

    How to Set Outlook 2010 Read Email with Speak Command-speak

    Step 3. Read the email

    When these have been done you just need to open emails in reading pane and select the text you want to read. Just click the Speak button in Quick Access toolbar, and the selected mail content will be reading.

    How to Set Outlook 2010 Read Email with Speak Command-read

    Step 4. How to stop reading

    How to Set Outlook 2010 Read Email with Speak Command-stop


    If you don't want it to continue to read the email, you may like to stop it. This will be easy to you. Just click the Speak button again in Quick Access toolbar.

    So far all the tips of reading emails in Outlook 2010 has been described. If you have mater them you will do some practices on your computer now.

    Software Tutorial - Deep in the Windows 7, Office 2010, Firefox, Antivirus and PDF use. Photoshop Tutorial - For beginners, masters. All steps are detail. I submit my own Photoshop tutorials to this website!
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  • I think I did about the stupidist thing imaginable. I upgraded Office 2007 to the RTM version of Office 2010 on MSDN yesterday and neglected to do a backup beforehand, thinking how bad could it be. Everything worked fine until I attempted to open Outlook, at which point I received an error message stating "Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window." I tried running "Outlooke.exe /resetnavpane" and scanpst.exe, neither of which fixed the problem.

    This is SERIOUS! Is there anything else I can do to fix this problem?

    vendredi 23 avril 2010 14:36
  • 1.  Cliquez sur Démarrer puis Ordinateur.

    2.  Allez au Disque Local C, ouvrer le dossier Utilisateur.

    3.  Cliquez sur votre session et affichez les dossiers cachés.

    4. Une fois les dossiers cachés soient visibles, accédez au répertoire Application Data ensuite Roaming et dans le dossier Microsoft supprimer le dossier Outlook.

    5. Testez ensuite votre Microsoft Outlook.

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