Is it possible to add <style> and <script> to html file contained in .Net WebView control ? How ? RRS feed

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  • I have written following VB.Net code (see below) to display an HTML file containing Unicode characters greater than 0xFFF.

    When I analyse the result (see Image), I see that <script> text and <style> text has been added as TEXT.

    Normally only emoticons are visible !

    Is it possible to add <style> and <script> to html file contained in .Net WebView control ? How ?

    If I copy HTML element in an HTML file and I double click on it, I obtain following result on Chrome

    link with image ->

    Dim sText As XElement =
            <style type="text/css">
                    background-color: yellow;
            <script type='text/javascript'>
                function clickUnicode()
                    var sValue = "?";
            <div class="unicode" onclick="clickUnicode()">&#x1F600;</div>
            <div class="unicode" onclick="clickUnicode()">&#x1F601;</div>
            <div class="unicode" onclick="clickUnicode()">&#x1F602;</div>
            <div class="unicode" onclick="clickUnicode()">&#x1F603;</div>
            <div class="unicode" onclick="clickUnicode()">&#x1F604;</div>
            <div class="unicode" onclick="clickUnicode()">&#x1F605;</div>
            <div class="unicode" onclick="clickUnicode()">&#x1F606;</div>
            <div class="unicode" onclick="clickUnicode()">&#x1F607;</div>
    wv.Settings.IsScriptNotifyAllowed = True
    wv.Settings.IsJavaScriptEnabled = True

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