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  • Hi !    First, let me describe my computing environment. I do a lot of programming with Excel 2007 (VBA). This has to do with mathematical computation. Excel runs under Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bits. My PC is powered by an Intel I7 Quad-Core 860 processor .

    Problem: In the course of a programmed computation (VBA), the Task Manager tells me A) That all 4 cores are working. B) That the only software drawing power from the cores is Excel. C) That the overall usage of the CPU is approx 13% of maximum capability, which is very low. The result is that I have paid top $$ for a QuadCore, and got a very low computation power in return.

    I've tried to increase (thru Task Manager) the priority given to Excel, from normal level to either of the next 2 higher  levels, with no results whatsoever. Does anybody have a crystal ball on this ?

    vendredi 16 avril 2010 21:03

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  • 13% of maximal CPU allowed capability is logic because it is just an Excel based application.

    You can manage the process priority using PriorityClass class and not manually.

    Check if there is no concurrent applications while your are testing your application, and try to optimize your code.


    This all what I can say because we haven't a visibility to your code?




    dimanche 18 avril 2010 21:07
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    mardi 20 avril 2010 09:48
  • Try Process Lasso. Not sure if it works on 64 bit, but you can set process priorities etc.


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    jeudi 22 avril 2010 08:30