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  • Karen,

    I would be delighted of course when there was anything related to VB in your sticky. 

    However, I don't see it. Can you tell me if this beside for curly bracket languages becomes also available for VB. 


    samedi 23 mai 2020 11:58
  • In fact, it is not Microsoft that does not value, it is the Community itself, if we want to keep up, we need to organize an active and committed community.

    What I would ask Microsoft to do is to maintain a small team of high-level professionals on if possible to assist the community in improving the dialect.

    Na verdade não é a Microsoft que não valoriza o é a própria Comunidade, se quisermos manter o em alta precisamos organizar uma comunidade ativa e comprometida.

    O que eu pediria a Microsoft é que se possível mantenha uma equipe pequena de profissionais de alto nível em para ajudar a comunidade nas melhorias do dialeto.

    vendredi 17 juillet 2020 12:27
  • This is good, I would like to see webforms in .net 5 as well. They have been brought along in all .net versions since the beginning having them in .net 5 would be good consistency and to keep .net full featured.

    Being able to use VB cross platform is important for us even with the win form paradigm.

    More importantly access to web assembly would be nice. 

    dimanche 16 août 2020 23:56