error lnk2017: 'addr32' relocation to 'runbfr6tbl' invalid without /LARGEARESSAWARE:NO


  • I am coding a x64 program and that include a .asm file in which there is a declaration:

    const segment

    runbfr6tbl db 023h

    db 0d1h

    db 023h

    db 034h

    const ends


    and there is some reference to the runbfr6tbl in the _text segment in the .asm file.


    I compile the program and get the following error:

    error lnk2017: 'addr32' relocation to 'runbfr6tbl' invalid without /LARGEARESSAWARE:NO

    When I select the /LARGEARESSAWARE:NO in linker/system/enable larger address, it is OK.

    What is the right method to fix the problem?

    lundi 7 juin 2010 11:21


  • Hi hurric,

    Are you trying to build a 64-bit image with 32-bit addresses? If it is, you must use a fixed load address, restrict the image to 3 GB, and specify /largeaddressaware:no. Otherwise you will receive Link Error 2017.

    The /LARGEADDRESSAWARE option tells the linker that the application can handle addresses larger than 2 gigabytes.

    I believe you are doing correctly. I hope those information is what you are looking for.



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    mercredi 9 juin 2010 06:32