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  • i wodner why there is no command line use of office like in libreoffice "--headless convert-to pdf " 

    I think headless would be welcome and a must have feature.

    Actualy i have spring boot based webapplciation and I use Apache POI to generate word doc, then I save it on system AND trough a vbs script I generate a pdf from this   word .docx . Problem is word is launched each time I want a pdf from a doc and this use so many resources. 

    We use word and all our users will use word and pay as "user licence" but actually this can't be achieved  easily.

    What are you thinking about this feature, is this good way to generate pdf from doc ?

    And last question why generating PDF from doc (even from word aplpication when doing File > Save as ... PDF ) why this is very very long process, cant you simplify your xml and make a simple xml to generate PDF. because to generate only 10 pages or 50 pages it take a while ! very annoying in 2017. 

    All from java as very very fast but this conversion take long, my boss expect to be faster even if we avoid using word, but i don't want omit world because I want let users to their template then merge fields/variable with apache poi then generate pdf. 


    jeudi 12 octobre 2017 12:53

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  • Hi,

    You are on on French forum so it is possible thar replies not come as expected.

    The best way could be to poste here :

    But I can try to help you, perhaps

    1. If you open MSWord and then, your doc...
    2. You save it manually as PDF, does it take the same time than your process ?


    jeudi 12 octobre 2017 16:53
  • yes same time .

    I'm using Apache POI to create/modify .docx file then I convert .docx to pdf using vb script (open word without ui) But this conversion process is too long !

    Even if you don't understand this above, we can see same slow  performance conversion of docx file to pdf directly inside word app.

    Can you please try to convert this attached file to pdf and let me know how long in seconds it takes on your side ? 

    My side is 20seconds.

    here is zip file!AirlpIueLXithhPFD_NYM13vHfos

    if this forum is not the palce to ask this please redirect me on good community forum/help 

    my word version : microsoft word 2016 mso (16.0.11001.20097) 32 bits

    jeudi 29 novembre 2018 11:30
  • Hi,!AirlpIueLXithhPFD_NYM13vHfos is not reachable.



    jeudi 29 novembre 2018 14:42