"Provide files and a save location through a sample" has a problem


  • the Microsoft Sample about add my App to fileOpenPicker & fileSavePicker has a problem, when I use OpenPicker to pick a file from the sample, there frequently show a dialog says the sample app has a problem , will you report the problem to Microsoft?  I read the detail message in the report:"The Thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access". 

      I follow the sample to add my another metrol app to fileopenpicker and filesavepicker, but has the same problem.

    Anyone else having a problem with this?

    lundi 7 mai 2012 02:50

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  • Hi Jorney,

    I am not seeing any obvious errors when running that sample. Can you please give exact repro steps?


    lundi 7 mai 2012 18:00
  • Hi Rob,

      the error may be happened after  serval times:   from another App, I open the fileOpenPicker to Pick a file, then choose the Sample in the Picker. and immediately choose another App in the Picker. then Open a file. The steps just like this.

    mardi 8 mai 2012 02:20
  • I have another question:

      I want to write a skydrive client App use Live SDK, and want to add the App to FileSavePicker. My Question is : How can I return a Storage File on the SkyDrive to the SavePicker? I didn't find the interface in the SDK, thanks a lot.

    mardi 8 mai 2012 02:25
  • Dear Rob:

    The Rate of incidence is not 100, but it almost ceitainly within 10 minitues operates:

    1.Open file Picker to get a file,

    2.choose the sample App,

    3. switch to other App in the Picker or Local file system,(or just then choose sample App)

    4. Open a file

    5. go to step 1.


    vendredi 18 mai 2012 10:16