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    public class sync : MonoBehaviour {

    // Use this for initialization

    TBE.SpatDecoderFile spat;

    void Awake()
    // Get the instance of SpatDecoderFile from the game object
    spat = GetComponent<TBE.SpatDecoderFile>();
    // Set the decoder to by synchronised to an external source
    spat.syncMode = TBE.SyncMode.EXTERNAL;

    // Called every frame
    void Update()
    // Get the elapsed time/playback position from the video player/decoder.
    // Make sure the value is in milliseconds!
    float videoTime = videoPlayer.getTimeMs();

    // Pass the video time to SpatDecoderFile. This will automatically force it to synchronise
    // with the video (since the syncMode in Awake() was changed to EXTERNAL)

    // Some event in your application that triggers
    // playback of the video and audio
    void somePlayEvent()


    jeudi 25 janvier 2018 19:00

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