How to get all text in presentation without Title?


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    I have an issue. I want to receive text from a slide without Title. In an example "How to: Get all the text in all slides in a presentation" we recieve whole text by tag <t> in XML, title + text. What can you advice in this situation?

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  • Hi Artemisonfire,

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    There is no difference between title and common text on the Open XML view. Both of them are Shape->TextBody->Paragraph->Run->Text. 

    The only difference may be the format. Or the first shape may be the title shape. Or you can also determine whether the shape contains title by the  p:nvSpPr(NonVisualShapeProperties) element, it should contain a name property with value like "Title..." like figure below:

    However all these is not guaranteed. You may consider retrieve all the text from the presentation and remove all the title text if it is possible.

    And the Open XML SDK 2.5 productivity Tool is very helpful for developing with Open XML. I recommend you that parse the presentation and reflect the code to get quickly get started for your scenario.

    Hope it is helpful.

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