Visual Studio 2010 Express is now available!

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  • Today, we are pleased to announce that the Visual Studio 2010 Express release is now available for download on the Visual Studio Express Web Site!

    The Visual Studio Express Editions are simplified versions of the Visual Studio Professional product, tailored for beginner and hobbyist developers. They offer power and productivity in a simple package and best of all, they are free!

    New for this release, we have created a streamlined user experience that focuses on the most common commands by hiding some of the more advanced menus and toolbars.  All of the Express features are still available via the Tools > Settings > Expert Settings menu.

    Learn more about the Visual Studio Express products:

    ·         Using Visual Studio Express to create Windows Applications

    ·         Using Visual Studio Express to create Web Applications

    Adrian Collier

    Program Manager - Visual Studio Express

    lundi 12 avril 2010 17:38

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  • I have downloaded All - Offline Install ISO image file. But an error occurs when I install the software. It showed that the program can’t find dlmgr.dll, but dlmgr.dll has already been in the installation directory. What’s wrong?

    mercredi 14 avril 2010 11:30
  • Will the Visual Studio Express Edition be able to use the Compact Framework to write for Windows Mobile?




    jeudi 29 avril 2010 01:53
  • Is there a solution for this problem? I am getting the same error "the program can't start because dlmgr.dll is missing from your computer" when I try to install the visual studio express 2010 for mobile. I've already downloaded the installer



    dimanche 9 mai 2010 05:42
  •  I have solved this problem. You can move dlmgr.dll to C:\WINDOWS\system32\.
    dimanche 9 mai 2010 13:48
  • Dear Adrian Collier,

    I have got the product key in the registration email for visual c#. But when i registrate,it shows "This product key is invalid".

    Can you help me?

    Thank you!

    samedi 15 mai 2010 23:15
  • Download magic ISO. It will mount itself as a virtual drive. once the drive is mounted, the autorun will start and installs no problem.
    mercredi 19 mai 2010 16:45
  • I have downloaded Visual Studio 10 Express Edition, written the ISO image on disk and then installed it.  Works fine.  But the only sad thing is that, there are no help files included with the downloaded package as in the previous versions!  You have to go to Help > Manage Help Settings and then use "Help Library Manager" to download and install help files online!  Now if you want to install Visual Studio 10 Express edition on a computer without an internet connection, then you won't be able to install the help files.  You should have an internet connection and then download and install help files online! 
    mardi 8 juin 2010 08:24
  • Hello.

    I have just downloaded and installed the Visual C# Express, but I don't know how to run it. Can anybody give me a clue?

    Thanks in advance.

    dimanche 13 juin 2010 15:45
  • I have sorted it. Thank you anyway.


    dimanche 13 juin 2010 20:33
  • Hi,

    Seems like most computers you buy now come with a 64 bit OS (Vista or Win7). Will I be able to compile my project to run at 64 bit using the C# Express version?




    samedi 26 juin 2010 06:23
  • I can not believe the real-time editing feature was removed in VCS Express 2010.  That feature was one of the best features of the product, I loved being able to break the code, find the error, fix it, then continue execution.  I'm sure MS knows this was a great feature, and had good reasons for removing it - but I'll continue to develop my C# in 2008.


    My $0.02


    mardi 29 juin 2010 14:28
  • i downloaded visual studio 2010 express edition, but i don't really know whats the difference between express edition  and pro edition. any work i do with pro edition i can do with  express edition.


    vendredi 2 juillet 2010 05:27
  • Download magic ISO. It will mount itself as a virtual drive. once the drive is mounted, the autorun will start and installs no problem.

    Thanks.  I've been messing around with this thing for hours.  I downloaded a free trial of magic ISO and it solved the stupid dlmgr.dll problem.  Can't thank you enough.
    mardi 6 juillet 2010 21:15
  • First upon format your disc and then install same through domain tools your problem will get solved
    lundi 20 septembre 2010 11:06
  • I try to download C#2010 and it asks me to uninstall C#2008, so I uninstalled C#2008 then the website never allow me to download again. It seems that it assumes me have it already installed yet I haven't yet. Microsoft always tries to pretend to be smart, but they are all dumb ____.
    mercredi 22 septembre 2010 14:24
  • I am using Visual C# Express 2010, but it is extremely slow on 4 cores,4G RAM, Windows 7 64 bits when I start to run in IDE. It took nearly 4 munites to show up my application interface in IDE. Contrast this on 2cores, 3G, WINDOWs XP 32bit, it is much fast, it took not to one munite for the same program. Hope someone to help to fix it.


    mardi 12 octobre 2010 20:44
  • I like to thank Microsoft for free "Visual Studio 2010 Express". It's good for beginners/student's.



    SA, C Sharp 2008 beginner
    vendredi 12 novembre 2010 10:45
  • I am unable to download the English version of VS C# Express.  The other languages work but not the English.  I am using IE8 and also tried the compatability mode with no success.  I tried from three different computers at work and from my home PC as well.  Help!
    lundi 6 décembre 2010 16:50
  • I hope this question is allowed in this forum. I am working a project where the customer is running an older version of Office (2003). They want an office solution using Excel 2003. Since Visual Studio 2010 is an office, 2008/2010 tool is a Visual Studio 2005 Express available.

    mercredi 5 janvier 2011 15:55
  • The core compiler for the express edition and the professional is same but the main difference is expression edition is build for faster or less components usage  than the professional edition . Its all upto you to choose between this two according to your resource consumption
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    mardi 29 mars 2011 02:00
  • Hi,


    Just open the application and  create a new project of c#(base language) and then in debugmenu  run the application.

    lundi 1 août 2011 12:56
  • Yes, you can able yo do it. In 64-bit machine any application can able run . It has an advance fetures.
    lundi 1 août 2011 12:58
  • It is not the process. just  make sure unistall vs2008 and get latest framework and then vs2010 from website and then download and install it.
    lundi 1 août 2011 13:00
  • i can't connect with database ? can you tell me why ?


     In Catalogue, In Brochure| In Kẹp File, In Folder | In Tờ rơi, In tờ gấp|In Danh Thiếp - In Namecard

    mardi 15 novembre 2011 07:02
  • Hi,

    your request is not related to this thread so it is recommend to create your own thread instead to reply in just some other thread.

    And when you create your own thread: Please give as many details as possible e.g.:
    - What operating system are you using?
    - What do you try to do in which software?
    - What is the exact behaviour or error message?
    - What other software / configuration is related (in your case: Which database software did you install? What database did you use? ...

    With kind regards,


    mardi 15 novembre 2011 10:29