create an outlook rule to defer the deliverys messages with a script RRS feed

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  • Could you help me
    I need to create a rule in outlook for defer a delivery message
    The code is like that :
    Set colRules = Application.Session.DefaultStore.GetRules()
    ‘Create the rule by adding a SendRule to Rules collection
    Set oRule = colRules.Create(“Envoi différé”, olRuleSend)
    Set oDeferRuleAction = oRule.Actions(OlRuleActionType.olRuleActionDefer)
    With oDeferRuleAction
    .enabled = True
    then the first action is activate “delete category” but not defer delivery and I can’t set a number of minutes

    End With
    some thing is missing I don’t know

    tank’s a lot for your help

    jeudi 12 janvier 2012 13:59

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