Create Data Binding dialog, OK button disabled


  • Hi,

    I've been using Blend 4.0 for over a year, and love it.  I'm using MVVM and bind almost everything.  This morning, all of a sudden I can't get Blend to bind anything.  The OK button in the "Create Data Binding" dialog won't enable.  Suppose, for example, I do the following:

    1. Select a TextBox in the Objects and Timeline window.

    2. Go to the Common Properties pane and click the little box to the right of the "Text" property. This brings up the "Create Data Binding" dialog.

    3. Select the "Data Context" tab.

    4. Place a check in the "Use a custom path expression" checkbox. This enables the textbox to its right.

    5. Type a string such as "DataStartTemperature" in the textbox to the right of the checkbox.

    6. Try to click on the OK button, but it's disabled, so, clearly, nothing happens.

    If I go to the XAML and put in the binding by hand, and then go back and try it again, the OK button is enabled and I see the binding name I assigned to it.  But it doesn't enable binding with any other control.  If I try it with a different control, the same thing happens.  I.e., it only works if I've already bound it by hand.


    יום שלישי 01 מאי 2012 19:03

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