RegEx to extract filenames from data RRS feed

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  • I have some data which I have gotten from my portable Media player. What I am trying to do is extract the .mp3 filenames from the data. The format of the mp3 file is AUD-20181015-WA0009.mp3

    Files can also have file extension of wav and m4a.

    Could somebody help me with the RegEx that will extract the filename

    Sample data below

    UªMP3D@ D@€ÂŸxlŸÿþAUD-20181117-WA0190.mp3AH}M4AD D€ÂŸxlŸÿþAUD-20181117-WA0188.m4aAH}MP3D` D`€ÂŸxlŸÿþAUD-20181117-WA0187.mp3AH}M4ADà Dà€ÂŸxlŸÿþAUD-20181117-WA0182.m4aAH}M4AD  D €ÂŸxlŸÿþAUD-20181117-WA0181.m4aAH}MP3D€ D€€ÂŸxlŸÿþAUD-20181117-WA0160.mp3aaMP3Dà Dà€ÂŸxlŸÿþAUD-20181117-WA0159.mp3AH}MP3D@ D@€ÂŸxlŸÿþAUD-20181117-WA0157.mp3 MP3D` D`€ÂŸxlŸÿþAUD-20181117-WA0154.mp3
    MP3D  D €ÂŸxlŸÿþAUD-20181117-WA0149.mp3ors

    Thursday, December 6, 2018 12:31 AM