using Microsoft® Expression® Encoder to stream from a satellite card over lan (network)


  • hello ,

    I'm trying to use Expression® Encoder 2  to stream from a satellite card ( LifeVies DVB-S) over lan (network)


    I don't know what correct settings to do that !

    I chose the name of the driver & Tuner but don't know what other settings to set ??


    after doing that settings it didn't produce any screens !!

    plus , I don't know how to choose the channel I wanna stream from the program !?

    Or should I run program like (dream dvb) first ? or there is settings to link both programs ?



    I chose "composite" & connected my cam to the card just to test if the program reads the driver right , & it worked & got me the screen visible on the prog.


    waiting your help ,,

    regards .

    Thursday, August 25, 2011 4:10 PM

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