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  • Please can someone advise me how to create a pop-up box that appears when the curser hovers over existing text, the text in the box being taken from another page on my website. My site, on multiple pages, contains the names of a large number of people and the intention is that when the curser is held over the name of a particular person, the profile of that person appears in a pop-up box, the profile being taken from other pages on the site that contain the profiles in alphabeical order.

    I use Microsoft Expression Web-4.

    Many thanks in anticipation for any help.


    Sunday, October 14, 2018 6:16 AM

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  • Is the profile information stored in a database, or do you hard code it into the profile page?

    If the information is stored in a database, you can to fetch the information associated with the person's name.

    If the lists of users and their profile information is hard coded into the page, not stored in a database, you could write the profiles as includes and fetch the includes in the pages where you want it displayed (in a popup or otherwise).  It sounds like you'd be creating a lot of includes, which may or may not be more trouble than simply hand-coding the profiles in each page where you want them to display (pop-ups or otherwise).

    Kathleen Wilber
    BrightWillow - Asp.Net Applications

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