Daughters problem with UK Student Windows 7 Prof 64bit upgrade download from digitalriver.com


  • My daughter is a University in the UK and at my behest ordered the Student Windows 7 Professional 64 bit upgrade download via the Digitalriver site in the UK. She did this as she was already getting an upgrade for her laptop and I wanted to install Win 7 on her desktop PC back at home for her.

    She downloaded the file and found it to be rather complicated, she (and I) assumed it would be a file that we could burn to a disc and then use to boot her PC at home and then install as any previous version of Windows.

    She came home this week so I thought I'd have a look and I eventually worked out how to make these files downloaded from Digitalriver into a simple ISO file - not an easy task for anyone not interested in computing; a regular 'Joe' would throw the computer out of the window in frustration I would suggest!

    Anyway, everything seemed fine at first, the PC booted and off it went installing in about 25 minutes until I got to putting in the Windows Product Key as supplied by Digitalriver - only to be told it is NOT a vaild product key! So I am well and truely stuck now as I simply cannot get past that point. I have a download that I have used and none working Product Key.

    I cannot find a number to contact Digitalriver on in the UK. They have a returns policy - of NO RETURNS ALLOWED!
    Digitalriver fail to react with any speed to emails sent via their customer 'services'(????!!)
    Digitalriver tell me when I fill in the email form to contact them that my Order Number (6672685820) is invalid and no such number exists - its on the email printed out before me as I speak!

    My point to Microsoft is two fold:
    1) Why allow a 3rd party to supply your products in a form that cannot be simply used and cause such frustration and bad PR that reflects badly on Microsoft too?
    2)  How do I check/obtain a vaild Windows 7 professional 64bit Product Key which I have paid Digitalriver for?

    Please help an extremely frustrated and annoyed (previopusly loyal) Microsoft Customer! looking at the web it seems that I am not the only one having similar problems with A) the download B) Digitalriver's Customer 'Services'


    Thursday, October 29, 2009 4:34 PM


  • Hello Andrew,

    This forum is for help with Expression Media - a photo cataloging program. We really don't have anything to do with Digital River or Windows 7. But there is a customer advocacy email address that will get to the bottom of any customer issues. Email advocate at microsoft.com.

    Anita Oakley
    Friday, October 30, 2009 3:55 PM