Microsoft expression web page settings changes not saved


  • I am frustrated I cannot find a way to save the page setting changes in Microsoft Expression Web. I use version 4 now but had the same problem unresolved with version 3. For example, in Tools -> Page Editor Options -> General, I deactivate the option "Automatically switch keyboard to match language of surrounding text". Then indeed there is no automatic change of keyboard language to adjust to surrounding text. However, when I exit and launch Microsoft Expression Web, this option is again activated. I would appreciate if someone has a solution to this.

    Tuesday, September 18, 2018 11:14 AM

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  • I can't reproduce your problem.   Since I have no visibility into how the options are saved or what would cause them to revert after having been successfully changed, I can't even make guesses.  Have you ever seen anyone else report this problem in this forum (or elsewhere)?

    Kathleen Wilber
    BrightWillow - Asp.Net Applications

    Tuesday, September 18, 2018 6:58 PM