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  • In my business I am required to save certain emails for 7 years, so once a matter is closed, I want to move it's emails out of my inbox, sent items and/or personal folders altogether and put them in either a document file or on a disc.  Some of these matters have several hundred emails. 

    It seems to my layman's mind, that when an email is saved like this, it uses the subject line as the file name, so I can only drag and drop emails with a unique subject line otherwise it tells me a file with that name already exist.  It seems I cannot go in and change the subject line before I move the email file, so as I save them, I have to rename each and every one of them.  At the moment I am using a date and time type pre-fix so I can see that information in the file's name, and usually, by using the time as part of the name, there are very few duplicates.  But to do this for what is likely to be several thousand emails is daunting to say the least. 

    the ones I can drag (from a Windows Live program that were imported from a back up when my last computer crashed, bought a new one and had them saved on the desktop of the new one) and drop onto a disc show certain details, like date, time and size, but that information doesn't seem to distinguish one from another with the same subject line. 

    So, is there any way to do this more efficiently, i.e., without having to change each and every email's new file name as I move them?  thanks. deglet

    Sunday, May 16, 2010 9:39 PM

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  • Yes, I too find difficulties with this and prefer to:

    Cmd + P to Print > Save as PDF > trundle to save folder (Spotlight/Finder helps though) and Save as usually puts in the Subject line (but nor always so I preface with date plus XX where XX = digits derived from my recall (usually 00 = my initial call out incrementing by plus one as the dialogue evolves).)

    But that is on a different OS.

    On the other hand: ED?

    Sunday, May 16, 2010 10:02 PM
  • This forum is about Expression Design, a graphic software. You should post your question to some outlook forum, or windows live, depending on which software you use for email, so you can have better anwers.

    Anyway, you can consider using the export function from the menu file, if you are using Outlook. You may gather all your related mails into a folder and export it as one .pst file. In case you need to access it again, you can attach or open it again.

    Monday, May 17, 2010 4:11 PM