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  • Trying to insert pipes and copyright symbol, but insert tab doesn't display symbols. what do I do?
    Wednesday, February 22, 2017 1:14 AM

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  • That's because they aren't available there in EW4 (I think the last version that had "Insert|Symbol" was EW2). For the pipe symbol, look on the backslash key, just above the Enter key. Press Shift and that key and you get a pipe symbol, like this: "|"

    For the copyright symbol, on a standard keyboard, hold down the Alt key and press "0169" on the numeric keypad, and you will get this: "©". Note that this will not work using the top row number keys. If you have a laptop without a numeric keypad, you can activate the one built in to the standard keyboard (look in the region of the m [=0]-jkl [=123]-uio [=456]-789 keys for superimposed numerals). How you activate it depends upon the laptop, but it's usually a Fn key function. For example, according to this, on a Dell laptop, you hold down the Fn key while you press the number keys. Check your documentation, or google your laptop model.

    If you can't activate it, or don't want to go to the trouble, or have no idea where your documentation is and can't find anything online, you can use HTML character entities instead, although you'll have to go into source code (split view). In split view, click in the spot in design view where you want the symbol, then note up in code view where it is highlighted. Click that spot in code view, then type in © or © or © (any one of the three will work). Then press F5 to refresh design view and you will see the symbol appear in the location you had placed the cursor.

    Give that a shot and see if it doesn't address your problem. Oh, and for other symbols you can use the entities found in a Character Entity Reference Chart. Not as convenient as an insert function, but hey, it works...  ;-)


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