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    I have a MSDN license and would like to download "Expression Encoder 4 Pro (without codecs)" via my MDSN account. However this software cannot be search/found from the MDSN subscriber donwloads site "".  Based on the information posted on , the captioned software is available from MDSN.  Does anyone can provide the correct download link to me?

    Besides, checked that 2017 MSDN benefits information only cover Expression 2 Encoder, not include Expression Encoder 4.  Does the version 4 covered by other yeas' MSDN license?

    I would also like to know what are the different between free version and MSDN version? Do it provide similar function? 

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  • AFAIK, there is no difference between the currently available free version and anything that would be available via MSDN subscription. When MS abandoned the Expression marque back in mid-2010, development was effectively frozen at that point in time, with perhaps minor bug fixes for a short time thereafter. (For example, the last commercial release of Expression Web was EW4 SP2. The currently available free version is EW4 SP2a, which simply implements two very minor bug fixes, hence the "SP2a" and not "SP3")

    So, you can download the free version, secure in the knowledge that it is effectively the "latest and greatest" version of the software. And if you want to upgrade it to the Pro version, google "free expression encoder pro" and you will find a number YouTube videos supplying a functioning product key to do so. Good luck!  ;-)


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