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  •  Hello Microsoft

    I use Ms Excel frequently. Some time back I encountered the following problem in same.

    I prepared a spread sheet with formula for a an "Empty bottle return note", (Say a document  like a " Goods Received Note").This was for a start up company .

    I thought I only had to check the input data in the above print out before approving same and the out put calculation would be correct. But my subordinate had accidentally changed the formulas that I used in the calculation cells. There was no way I cold know this from the print out.

    With the current excel versions there is no straight forward solution to this.  You can not solve it by just locking the formula cells . I have a simple suggestion to make in order to do this sort of work on Ms Excel. How can I make this suggestion to Micro Soft. Awaiting an early reply.

    Thank You,   Lakdasa Dassanayake

    Friday, September 21, 2018 9:57 AM