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    There is no "HTML5 Schema Configuration add-in." What version are you using? If not the latest, and last, version 4 with SP2a, then you need to download it from here. It has built-in support for HTML5, and for the CSS3 draft as of 2012. Once you have installed it (no need to uninstall any existing versions), go to "Tools|Page Editor Options|Authoring tab" and, in the Document Type Declaration dropdown, select HTML5. Then, in the CSS Schema dropdown, select CSS3 Draft.

    From then on, new files will automatically be created with an HTML5 DTD, and your Intellisense and code completion will include options for CSS3 and HTML5, and the built-in on the fly syntax (compatibility) checking will warn you of errors in either markup or CSS inconsistent with the doctype and CSS schema you have selected. Then you will be in business and able to code and build your CSS using EW's support. Enjoy!   ;-)


    P.S. I did a little research, and HTML5/CSS3 support was actually added with Service Pack 1. It was further refined in SP2 and SP2a, but vis-á-vis the HTML5 Schema Configuration add-in (for the initial EW4 release version), it became redundant and unnecessary effective the release of SP1. Furthermore, it was always made available via the Expression Gallery, which no longer exists, and none of the resources offered there are available except possibly on individual users' hard drives. For example, I still have the "MapsForBing100.xadd" add-in on my HD, although I haven't installed it since I no longer need it.

    I actually have an even dozen add-ins altogether, such as "PaymentButtonsForpayPal101.xadd," which inserts what you might expect, and "wordPaste.xadd" (by Ian Haynes, IIRC),which allows you to copy formatted Word text and paste it into EW without all of the cruft markup that usually comes along when pasting text from Office apps. I may install a few that I'd forgotten I had, such as "Copyright.xadd" (also by Ian) which inserts a small script that creates a copyright statement, at the insertion point on the page, that automatically updates the date each New Year without developer intervention. Quite handy...  ;-)

    Please remember to "Mark as Answer" the responses that resolved your issue. It is common courtesy to recognize those who have helped you, and it also makes it easier for visitors to find the resolution later.

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  • Hi Scott,

    If you still have that add-in, would you mind posting it here for download or email me the "wordPaste.xadd" 
    I am having a bad time with the copy/paste from Word. 

    You can send it to me by email listed on my website, or through my facebook account. Thanks

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  • Is this the one you are after?
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