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  • Comcast has discontinued personal web pages.  I need to find a host for our Senior Groups web pages which have been created using Microsoft Expression Web 4; however I just discovered that most of the pages indicate the GENERATOR is Microsoft FrontPage 12.0 and the PRPGLD is FrontPage Editor.document.  What I've discovered is the hosts I've talked to is: the FrontPage portion of Microsoft Expression Web 4 is not supported.   I need to find a host that we accept Web 4 with FrontPage or how to correct the pages with Web 4 from using FrontPage.  

    William F. Cook

    Monday, August 10, 2015 8:42 PM

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  • Well, first of all, you would have probably received an answer sooner if you had posted this in the correct forum—the "Expression Web" forum instead of the "Expression Encoder" forum. Unfortunately, since Expression Studio is moribund, we no longer have moderators who move improperly posted posts to the correct forums.

    Anyway, it sounds as if your pages were either originally created in, or at one time opened and then saved in, some version of FrontPage. That is the only way that those lines could have been added, since AFAIK no version of EW has ever added them (although it leaves them alone if already present). That does not mean that your pages actually use FrontPage features that would prevent them from being hosted on providers that no longer support the FrontPage Server Extensions (aka, the FPSE, which includes most hosts these days). In fact, although it's not impossible, I would be surprised to find that Comcast had supported the FPSE on its free personal Web page hosting (my ISP didn't).

    As noted, just because your pages have those lines in the <head> section doesn't mean that they require FP (i.e. the FPSE, which is the part that concerns the provider) support, only that FP was used to edit them at some time. In fact, if you have been editing in EW for some time (which only supports a tiny subset of FP features), the odds are very great that you don't have any FP requirements in your pages, and can simply use EW and FTP publishing to manage your site going forward.

    Please publish a link to your site, so that we can peruse the source code of your pages to see if there are any FP dependencies present. If not, you can simply publish them to any provider. And, in any event, feel free to delete those FrontPage references in the <head>, since unless someone is actually editing them with FP, they're simply leftovers from days gone by.  ;-)


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