Publishing via FTPS to 1and1 Host


  • ** Note this is a solution to a question I have seen in multiple locations on the web...

    I use (will work with any host that uses a non-standard port as well) to manage my websites and recently had to relearn out how to do this after my old PC died unexpectedly...  

    1. Go to Sites | Publishing Settings 
    2. Select your Publishing Profile and choose Edit
    3. Select Connection Type:  FTPS
    4. On 1and1 go to the Secure FTP Account option | Choose the SecureFTP account you use to publish.  If you don't have one set up, set one to land in your folder at the root of your web site space that you publish.
    5. Capture the Host Name, user name, password (reset if you dont know it & wait 5 minutes)
    6. In Expressions Connection Settings: 
      - Location: paste the host name after the "ftps://" then append ":990" to the end
           (e.g.  ftps:// )
      - Directory: /
      - User Name:  1and1SFTP user name
      - Password:  1and1 password for the account above
      - Max Connections: 8
      - Use Passive: Checked
    7. Save and then use the created / update publishing provide 

    And bob is your uncle.  No idea why 1and1 doesn't provide this as a How-to as far too many people still use this tool as it does a great job managing content changes. .

    Ken F

    Sunday, September 16, 2018 6:24 PM

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