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  • My ISP just notified me that my blog site, which was originally set up using FrontPage extensions, will be losing those extensions on April 26th.  I'm using Expression Web 4 to service this site.  Should I be doing anything to prepare for this change?  Will I notice anything when the switch is flipped or has my Expression Web 4 already removed a dependency on those old FrontPage extensions?  Thanks.
    Sunday, March 25, 2018 8:34 PM

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  • It depends on what your site is making use of the extensions for. If you are using things that require them (some of the database wizards for example) you need to revise those pages so as not to depend on the extensions. I presume you are not using shared borders because if you were, Expression Web would probably already have trashed those.

    Expression Web will not automatically do anything to assist you in moving off anything that uses the extensions on your site.  On the other hand, if your site doesn't actually use any extension-dependent features, you should be ok.

    If the only thing  you are using the extensions for is publishing using http; , you simply have to start using ftp to publish your pages.

    So -- it depends

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    Sunday, March 25, 2018 10:17 PM
  • I used to have Front Page and then switched to the free MS Expressions 4.   I used a free FTP program and tried to remember/write down what files have changed to upload them.  I then found Site Publisher FTP software for dirt cheap (below forty) considering all the time it saves.  It's made my Helix Software.  It is different then the average FTP software as it has a Cache ability.  You must have the website on your HD, this program puts a copy on your web server, where as FP you could worked directly from the web server.  Point the software to your saved HD site and once uploaded, the Cache program remembers the original files on the web site and when you upload changes, checks the HD for any changed files and only uploads new ones.  My site had 53K files and this program has been working for many years just fine.  There are folders you can exclude on the WS that you don't want to erase (security and error message folders).  I have a simple HTML site, no fancy stuff.  The Site Publisher will copy whatever is in your web site's HD folder, so if you do fancy stuff it will copy that too.  You can still use FP or upgrade for free to Expression Web 4.  What hosting sites are doing is not making the hidden folders for FP.  Plus FP had tons of errors.  You also need to NOT upload the .vti_cnf and \vti_cnf files, put these in your EXCLUSION section on the software.  These are what told FP on your web server where files are located.  These are needed on the HD copy, just not uploaded to the site.  FP and Expression 4 still allows you to search and replace, drag files and folders and it will fix the links.  You can just copy your WS to a different folder/computer and try Expressions Web 4 and see how you like it.  Remember thought, keep copies of your WS as backups.
    Way less hassle then buying and trying to learn all the DreamWeaver stuff.  Plus, you don't have to recreate your site from scratch.

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  • EW4's built-in FTP does not copy the _vti folders to your host.  It also lets you know what files have changed (conflict) or are new (unmatched) to help you know what to publish.  There is no need to recommend a third party FTP tool unless the original poster has a problem with EW4's built-in FTP.

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    Sunday, April 1, 2018 6:42 PM
  • What Kathy said. If (as you should) you have "Maintain the site using hidden metadata files" checked on the "Site|Site Settings|General" tab, then EW will manage your site for you, tracking files added or edited in the site. If you then select "Site|Publish changed files to <your domain name>", EW will then do exactly that, publishing only those files that have modified or added to the site.

    BTW, those "hidden metadata files" mentioned in that checkbox are the "_vti" files that you saw ("vti" is from Vermeer Technologies, Inc., the company Microsoft bought to acquire FrontPage). They are used by EW to maintain the site, and EW knows that they are unnecessary on the server and doesn't publish them by default. There is absolutely no need to exclude EW from publishing them to the server. The only time they are used there is when you're using the FPSE (FP server extensions), which maintain them there because you can live edit on the server.

    As Kathy said, EW will do everything that you use the external FTP client for, at no additional cost, and without all the folderol you have described to implement your "solution" to a non-existent problem.

    Also, this only part of the OP's question. In addition to the publishing issue, he also asked "... has my Expression Web 4 already removed a dependency on those old FrontPage extensions?" As already mentioned, the answer is "no." EW was designed to be backward compatible with FP with the exception of in-program aids such as the DRW, Form scripts and generators, Photogallery, Table of Contents, and Hit Counters, which it doesn't support and no longer appear in the user interface, as well as some of the webbots. Unfortunately, it retained the FP Behaviors (Jump Menu, Swap Image, etc.), and the Interactive Buttons, all of which use truly horrendous, ugly, obtrusive, antiquated (ca. 2002!) javascript. OTOH, fortunately, EW4 finally removed the terribly deprecated (at least, in the opinion of professional developers) Layout Tables from the UI.

    Here is a partial list of some of the components requiring FPSE, and here is another, more complete list. There is also a "Migrating from FrontPage to Expression Web" page that provides a very good description of what is involved and how to accomplish the transition (the author of that page, Tina Clarke, also wrote a [non-free] e-book that goes into much more detail on the process, if you're interested). I would say that simply switching to EW-maintained FTP publishing, and then going through the steps described in that page, should enable the OP to establish the necessary transition from FP extensions.


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