Cannot change default installation location for Blend 4 SP1


  • Greetings,

    I have a complete clean install system. I'm using an SSD for my 'C:\' drive. This only has Win 7 Ultimate 64-Bit and just a few OS related programs installed on it. This disk does include a clean VS2010 Professional installation.

    On my HDD partition 'E:\', I have installed my copy of Expression Studio 3 and Expression Studio 4 Ultimate, which includes Expression Blend  4.020525.0. I have downloaded and installed all Windows Updates using the Control Panel->Windows Updates option.

    I want to install Expression Blend 4 SP1. (Actually, I want to install the Windows Phone 7 software that includes Blend 4 updates, but more on that problem later.) 

    Because I have Expression Blend 4 installed in my E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Expression\Blend 4 folder, I want to change the default location of the Blend 4 SP1 installation (C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Expression\Blend 4) to my E:\ partition location. However, the installation software won't let me.  Whenever I click on the Installation Options to browse for a new install location, I get the following warning:

    "To change the directory, please uninstall any Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Service Pack 1 components from the current location before reinstalling to a new location."

    The problem is, I do not have the Microsoft Expression Blend 4 Service Pack 1 components installed on my computer - at least to my knowledge. I have checked everywhere on my computer for such an installation: Control Panel->Programs and Features, Control Panel->View Installed Updates, E:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Expression\Blend 4, on my C:\ drive, and in Expression Blend 4 Help->About. There is no indication of an Expression Blend 4 SP1 installation anywhere.

    So, my questions are:

    Since I just, 18 Dec 2010, downloaded and installed Expression Studio 4 Ultimate, was the Expression Blend 4 SP1 included?

    If it wasn't included, how do I change the default location to the partition/folder in which ExBlend 4 SP1 is installed?

    And finally, since I want to install the Windows Phone 7 software, do I need to install the ExBlend 4 SP1 update?

    Last Point

    Problems with the Windows Phone 7 software has caused me to have to completely reinstall my operating system and all other software. My SSD and HDD were 'cleaned' prior to reinstalling the system. I had posted several requests for help in the Expression Forums, and Windows Phone 7 forums but have received no responses.  Please, if this isn't the right place to post and ask for help, will someone be so kind as to tell me where in the Microsoft forums/support/help that I might be able to get support?  I have several Windows Phone 7 apps that I want to build but cannot get the software installed.


    Thursday, December 23, 2010 3:57 AM

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  • Hi Phroneo,

    I understand that 7 years past but I ran into the same issue and was not able to find any help. Here is my solution in Windows 7:

    Start --> enter regedit --> right click --> run as administrator --> agree with "yes"

    regedit window will open go to --> Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion and change the values to what ever path you want to with right click onto:


    ProgramFilesDir (x86)


    This will change the machines default installation path for programs. Blackberry Software was installed on the correct partition I wanted it to be installed in.



    Thursday, March 09, 2017 5:50 PM