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  • Hi everybody  :D

    I try to bind a textbox to a collection, so if the value of the item in the collection changes the textbox.text changes… but I cannot get it to work.

    When I set the binding it gets the correct value, but if the collection changes the value don’t. I don’t know how to update it. I tried the examples in the help, but they don’t work for me.

        Public Class Valor
            Implements INotifyPropertyChanged
            ' Events
            Public Event PropertyChanged As PropertyChangedEventHandler Implements INotifyPropertyChanged.PropertyChanged
            ' Methods
            Public Sub New(ByVal vvv As Integer)
                Me._vvv = vvv
            End Sub
            ' Properties
            Public Property vvv() As Integer
                    Return Me._vvv
                End Get
                Set(ByVal value As Integer)
                    Me._vvv = value
                End Set
            End Property
            Private Sub OnPropertyChanged()
                RaiseEvent PropertyChanged(Me, New PropertyChangedEventArgs("vvv"))
            End Sub
            ' Fields
            Private _vvv As String
        End Class
        Public MyCantidades As New ObservableCollection(Of Valor)
                    Dim Cantidad1 = New TextBlock
                    Cantidad1.FontSize = 30
                    Dim Enlace As Binding = New Binding()
                    Enlace.Source = MyCantidades.Item(3).vvv
                    Enlace.Mode = 1
                    Cantidad1.SetBinding(TextBlock.TextProperty, Enlace)

    and one boton to change the collection

        Private Sub MasClick(sender As Object, e As RoutedEventArgs)
            MyCantidades.Item(3).vvv = MyCantidades.Item(3).vvv + 1
        End Sub

    Ok, when I press the button the collection changes, but the textblock doesnt update.

    ¿Any clues?

    Thank you in advance :D

    sábado, 16 de febrero de 2013 13:08


  • Ok MarkT gave me the answer :D

    You are binding to an Integer "vvv" which is not a Valor and which does not raise the PropertyChanged event.

    Bind to the Valor object and set the Path to access vvv.

    Enlace.Source = MyCantidades.Item(3)
    Enlace.Path = New PropertyPath("vvv")

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