Exchange 2010 SP2 is out, when can we expect compatibility with WSP?

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  • Hello Yoda-ict,


    I'm (my team) going to write modules for Lync, CRM 2011 and Exchange 2010 SP2 (nearest plans). We also going to provide good support for these modules as we providing it for current WSP. Modules will not be free, but everybody who can help somehow will get good discounts. Please email me to discuss. | WebsitePanel Installations, Support & Consulting | Enterprise Solutions Planning & Deployment & Support.
    miércoles, 28 de diciembre de 2011 5:34
  • Hi Denis,

    How soon until these modules will be ready?

    I upgraded a fully working WSP 1.1.2 / Exchange 2010 RTM testing environment today and the GAL is now empty in Outlook. OWA appears to be okay and works like RTM. I have not done any further testing but had my fingers crossed it might just work.

    I plan on doing more thorough testing this weekend.

    Thanks, Cole.

    sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2011 4:38
  • I have posted a fork of the source code project with changes required to enable addressbook policy support in SP2 in an on-premise installation of Exchange. you can find it here.

    It needs to be compiled and ran as framework 3.5 as described here.

    This code does not check for Exchange version, this still needs to be added so placing this code in a non-sp2 on-premise environment will fail.

    For existing organizations you will need to manually create address book policys named "orgname Address Policy" and apply them to all existing users which is a pretty simple task using EMC i was able to do about 30 organizations in about 1 hour of work. It can be scripted though.

    This code only adds the functionality to create, delete and apply address book policies to new users from the point of it's deployment.

    Omar Armenteros Virtuworks
    lunes, 09 de enero de 2012 16:27
  • Hello Omar,

    do you use WSP for resell Exchange 2010 services or to manage internally your organizations?


    I'm interested to use WSP to resell Exchange 2010 SP2 services but - at the moment - I have not understand if WSP if a valid (for production I mean) solution.


    Any conseil will be appreciated.




    lunes, 30 de enero de 2012 12:14